Business Processes

Through our assistance, identification of areas requiring improvement helps drive effectiveness and efficiency. Our Consultants will also provide insights on how you can remain cutting edge.


By employing a variety of activities which include business process mapping, 31degreees EAST will assist you identify the processes which may need to be altered in your organization.


We will assist you in identifying any inefficiencies, bottlenecks and redundancies within the workflow and then together determine the correct procedure to eliminate the identified issues.


Applying change management techniques, we will work together with your teams to successfully adopt the revised processes. Using scientifically deduced metrics we will be able to demonstrate if the intended change is a success or otherwise.

Evaluation and Monitoring

Our Team will help you streamline activities and retrain  your staff accordingly. 31degrees EAST Consultants will together with you  analyze and test the proposed solutions to ensure that they address your concerns. We are available for post implementation and monitoring if you would like us to.

Other Services


We will help you weather your aviation head winds or tail winds to keep you in the skies by coming up with appropriate strategies and interventions tailored to your operating environment.


Our highly qualified Consultants have vast knowledge in the tourism sector and will help you navigate and chart your business for success and customer satisfaction.

Customer Services Capacity building

31degrees EAST is there to help your organization come up with winning customer service teams by offering effective customer service training .


31degrees EAST is there to help you come up with with outstanding marketing strategies and ensure that you get the best out of your marketing efforts.

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